My first blog

Hi….It’s me Faria Javed . First of all let me tell you about my self .Well l am a Teacher,Learner,Reader and an enthusiast beginner here. Here i am going to talk about whirls of life .According to my theory,  my experience our life teaches  us something new every  next  moment.After every next moment we changes  into a new and a little more mature person. I am Master in English  Literature  and have great love for literature (Adab),whether its English  or  Urdu .I have learnt from  great teachers .They taught me a lot but the real life started after you have  done  with your studies .Each and every thing around you each and every scenario  started to change .Every  situation turn out in to a  new one.The situation  which we haven’t  read in any book .The stair that we were climbing since  our first day .We are on the last step and they start moving  round and round every thing in-front of you start shaking you cry, you yell and ask for mercy…but nothing happened it keep on shaking  and whirling  but then it all suddenly  stop when you heard  your self uttering  these words “Okay I Accept this”